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Making March a No-Buy Month

March 2, 2013

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Based on the numbers I have in thus far, coupled with a pretty good sense of what will come in from ebay and Paypal over the next couple of weeks, February will have been my first self-sufficient month of 2013.

It won’t be by much, but it’s an accomplishment I am still very happy with none-the-less, especially since the surplus in February might just be enough to cover the tiny deficit I was left with following January’s solid start to the year.

That would then put 2013 right on track for achieving my ultimate goal, the first time such a scenario has existed in a calendar since I started down this path toward the ultimate goal I have for my hobby.

But there’s reason for concern as well.  Nearly two-thirds of my revenue in February came from the sale of a single item.  Without that sale February would have been much worse than it ended up looking on paper.

I was also less strict with my purchasing habits in February than I would have liked.  The “you have to spend money to make money” mindset set in on a number of occasions, which led me to making purchases for cards I intend to flip in my ebay store more frequently than was necessary.

When I was lamenting my lack of progress on my hobby in a post a couple of weeks ago, one of the things I made mention of was the fact that I had barely even logged in to SCF, let alone actively pursued trades.

With two months of the year now behind us, just a single trade wrapped up, and 24 more needed in order to accomplish goal #2 I set for the year, I figure its time for a refocus.

Which brings me to the point of today’s article: the combination of me not being able to control my spending as well as I’d like and the fact that I’ve made no trades got me thinking of a relatively extreme solution: cut off the bank and Paypal accounts for the month and focus the energy and time I’d been using on buying on trading instead.

So starting today (well actually it’ll be after I pay off one final ebay order this weekend… of Joe Sakic cards…a guy I don’t even collect…see “get unnecessary spending under control”) I will be ignoring the buying side of ebay and turning my attention to the SCF boards to make some deals.

If you’ve got any cards you think I might be interested after checking out my want list and you’d like to make a deal, then let me know by posting a comment, connecting on Facebook and Twitter, or emailing me at

Until next time, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


Email Me | Twitter | Facebook | my ebay store | My Want List | RSS Feed

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