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A New Holy Grail of my Yzerman Card Collection

October 14, 2012

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Way back in February I posted an article asking what you considered to be your most treasured piece of your collection after my first ever one of one Yzerman card got me wondering exactly that about my own collection.

In the end, I surmised that I couldn’t possibly pinpoint a single item since my collection is very diverse and a number of items that would seem unimportant to some hold a special meaning to me in some personal way.

When it comes to the card portion of my collection I also came to the conclusion that the 1/1 that had just been added to my collection didn’t qualify as my most treasured card.  That honour went to my 84-85 O-Pee-Chee rookie card of Stevie Y.

Well last weekend the “most treasured piece” question was thrust to the front of my mind once again and I can safely say that there is now a new holy grail of the card portion of my Yzerman collection and it comes courtesy of my old man.

He stopped in to visit a dealer we’ve been customers of for years and bought a number of amazing cards to add to our various player collections.

Among them was this gem:

It’s a 2010-11 In The Game Enshrined Autograph Gold Parallel of my childhood hero Steve Yzerman.

I remember being shown this card at the Toronto Spring Expo but because of the asking price we really didn’t even consider it.  It’s tough to justify blowing a massive portion of your show budget on a single card at the first table you visit at the show.

Turns out that the asking price had been drastically reduced when my dad met up with the dealer again, largely due to the amount he was about to spend on the other cards that he picked up.

I have to say, I absolutely love this card. 

Yzerman has a really nice signature and it looks amazing on what I consider to be one of the nicest looking sets In The Game has produced in recent memory.

The simple, clean look of these sketch themed cards is right up my alley and the quality and detail of the art only enhances its attractiveness.

The only complaint I have about the card is one that I have about almost every single product In The Game produces; there is no serial number to indicate that this is the one of one parallel version of the autograph set! 

The card does say “Gold Version” on the back, but it took going to the ITG website to confirm that the Gold Version is also a one of one version, something that is truly inexplicable in this era of high-end trading cards.

Aside from that though, I can safely say that this beauty has eclipsed my Yzerman rookie card as the single most important piece of my Yzerman trading card collection.  It is going to take a hell of a lot to remove it from its new-found throne.

Until Wednesday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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